« Travail caché »

Companies large and small have off-loaded work onto the backs of consumers. Things that used to be done for us, as part of the value-added service of working with a company, we are now expected to do ourselves. With air travel, we’re now expected to complete our own reservation and check-in, jobs that used to be done by airline employees or travel agents. At the grocery store, we’re expected to bag our own groceries and, 31thom190.2[1]in some supermarkets, to scan your own purchases. We pump our own gas at filling stations. Telephone operators used to look up numbers for us. Some companies no longer send our bills to their services – we’re expected to log in to their website, access our account, retrieve our bill, and initiate an electronic payement ; in effect, do the job of the company for them. Collectivly, this is known as shadow work – it represent a kind of parallel, shadow economy in which a lot of the service we expect from companies has been transferred to the customer. Each of us is doing the work of others and ot getting paid for it. It is responsible for taking away a great deal of leisure time we thought we would all have in the twenty first century.

The organized mindDaniel Levitin

Et si ça vous intéresse voici le google meeting sur le sujet.

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