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(…) Both kind of leaders, those inside and outside the corporate world, possess certain psychological traits. They tend to be adaptable and responsive, high in empathy, and able to see problems from all sides. These qualities require two distinct forms of cognition : social intelligence and flexible, deep analytic intelligence. An effective leader can quickly understand opposing views, how people came to hold them, and how to resolve conflicts in ways that are percieved to be mutually satisfying and beneficial. Leaders are often adept at briging people together -suppliers, potential adversaries, competitors, characteres in a story- who appear to have conflicting goals. A great business leader uses her empathy to allow people or organizations to save face in negociations so that each side in a completed negociation can feel they got what they wanted (and gifted negociator can make each side feel they got a little bit more than the other party). (…) it is no coincidence that many great leaders are also great storytellers – they motivate others around them with a compelling narrative, one that they themselves embody.

The Organized Mind – Daniel Levitin
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